Safety Matters

Exposed electrical wires can ruin your entire day; power and natural gas systems have fire hazard potential.
Trip and fall possibilities are identified; important for both the young and old. We'll identify potential ice forming areas – drainage is important here. We locate fire hazards, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You need to know your structure is safe and sound. We evaluate the foundation, the roof, load bearing walls and floors.

There are over 300 typical deficiencies that can be found in the average home. You need to know all of the defects effecting your investment before you purchase.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY- foundation, attic and roof framing, Decks and balconies

HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS- Operation and life expectancy, gas systems

PLUMBING- Water supply thru to fixture, waste control, water heater function and life

ROOF/ATTIC- ventilation-key to roof life, insulation value, Chimney and flashing

ELECTRICAL- Panel and breaker operation and safety, GFCI where required

BASEMENT-moisture/water control issues, sump pumps, gutter/downspout function

EXTERIOR- Window/door condition, siding and flashing

GROUNDS- retaining walls and water retention

Structural Integrity

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Homes are made up of operating systems. We’re happy to spend all the time with you would like; answering all questions, to make sure you understand every aspect of these systems. We'll give you an easy-to-read book that explains how all these components work. We'll assess the age and serviceable life you should expect from these systems into the future.

Next Day Reports

What we inspect

Our cutting edge software is reader friendly and understandable with color photos. These high definition pictures detail the important aspects of a component or it's defects. Reports average over 50 photos for your reference.

We wish you and your home a safe and happy future!

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"if your home has a problem we will find it for you."

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An Inspection You Can believe in:

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We will identify areas of concern, offer options on how to correct them and provide suggestions on how to address them.

You don’t want any surprises.  

Beside identifying every defects, major & minor, you’ll want to know what are the best options to address these concerns. 

That's why we want you to join us at the inspection! At the end, we'll sit down together to discuss our findings.

"If your home has a problem,

we'll find it for you!"

our 3 point Approach:

We will assess all the major operating systems for proper working condition.
That means heating and cooling, all electricity and gas systems are evaluated.
Roofing is a component, Insulation & ventilation are the key to a long roof life.
We'll check exterior windows and doors.
We'll check out all the plumbing including, water supply systems, the heater and waste water systems are in proper working condition.

Operating Components